Kapalya Overview

CISOs must protect their company’s data and meet compliance requirements with IT regulations. One of the critical items in protecting the company’s data and meeting IT compliance is to encrypt data in-flight and at-rest. KAPALYA’s creative solution encrypts data on mobile endpoints, corporate servers, cloud servers and data in-flight with a simplified user experience.

How it works

While accessing your data on a mobile device, your business files
are encrypted at every transfer, mobile endpoint, corporate and cloud server.

Easy to use:

  1. Get provisioned through our secure servers and download the Kapalya app
  2. Launch the app and register your fingerprint and PIN for identification
  3. Enter one-time password (OTP) for Active Directory and Cloud Servers (Box and Amazon S3)
  4. Start using app to securely transfer files to and from corporate and Cloud Servers




Kapalya uses Gemalto’s Virtual key Secure (FIPS L1 COMPLIANT) for encryption key management.


Kapalya uses Palo Alto Networks’ next generation virtual firewall appliances to natively terminate IPSec VPN sessions. This is a key component to Kapalya’s end-to-end solution.


CIO/CISO Benefits

Save IT time and resources with a single mobile app solution.

Enterprise User Benefits

In today’s fast paced mobile environment, employees expect to access and download corporate information on mobile devices from anywhere.

  • Secure end-user mobile devices, data and corporate servers
  • Protect end-users with seamless encryption key management on the cloud, mobile end-point and corporate servers
  • Mask system administrators of third-party cloud software from seeing your corporate data
  • No need to integrate and manage multiple systems or encryption keys
  • Securely access and download business data on mobile devices from anywhere
  • Easily login using fingerprint recognition technology, removing the need to remember multiple credentials or carry tokens
  • Utilize and transfer files between corporate systems and popular cloud storage platforms, to make working on-the-go easy and safe


We currently provide encryption for the following applications

File Share

Coming soon